DCtheDJ MixCast

Dance Mixes done with songs you will enjoy. Not just a cookie cutter mix.

DCtheDJ MixCast - 2014 Mix 22 (Dance/Party Mix)

September 20th, 2014

Ending Summer with a hot party mix once again.  I cover EDM, pop, club and some classic dance tracks mixed into just under an hour. Be sure to subscribe to my podcast on iTunes.  It's the DCtheDJ MIXcast.  Check it out, and please leave a review.  I love hearing from everyone!  Bump on...


DCtheDJ MixCast - 2014 Mix 21 (Party/Club Mix)

September 4th, 2014

Into September we go... I get a lot of requests and compliments on mixing today's hottest hits with some popular tracks from the last few years, so I did that here as only I can do.... Throwing in a little mashup and ending with some kick ass EDM tracks.  I love hearing feedback from anyone who listens and downloads, so please contact me either via facebook, twitter or at DCtheDJ.com.  Thanks friends!