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DCtheDJ MIXCast - 2016 Mix 8

April 27th, 2016

Back from vacation and bringing you another mix of club, radio, future and flashback hits.  This mix was another fun one to work on... features an old Prince track in honor of the late great artist and even includes a great Metallica track... yes, I said Metallica!  Enjoy the mix, share the mix and let me know what you think!  Peace.


DCtheDJ Mixcast - 2016 Mix 7

April 6th, 2016

What's going on friends?  Just wanted to bring you mix 7 for this year.  It features a couple rap tracks to start it off including the new Iggy single.  Then went into the usual mix-mash of EDM and pop dance tracks with a couple of flashback songs as well.  Hope you enjoy... and I'll be back with more soon.  Feel free to drop me a message at DCtheDJ@ymail.com if you would like to hear something in my next mixes.